Consulting Services

What We Offer

DNSC – Cybersecurity Consulting Services are intended to assist companies in the reduction of risk of exploitation to their Information Systems (IS) and/or networks.

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessments and Mitigation Strategies

Penetration Testing Services

Cybersecurity Documentation Review

Review of Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and Guidelines

Networking Services:  Router and Switch Configuration Management, Network Mapping, and Network Monitoring

Review of Configuration Files (e.g. Network Devices, Firewalls, and Databases)

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

E-mail Security and Social Engineering

Password Protection

Assessment Tool Training

Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Penetration Testing Tools

Test Methodologies Development

Simulate Advanced Persistent Threats To Assess Incident Response and Protection Mechanisms

Customized Cybersecurity support is available upon request


Customize Your Package

We’re able to apply a number of different options to help ensure the success of your job, depending on your project’s specific needs

Remote Web Penetration Test

Phishing Email Campaign Specialists

Social Media Campaigns

Cybersecurity Education and Training

Cooperative Vulnerability Assessments

Cyber Tools Training